The Welding Team will be hard at work getting through the last of the welding. Our next step is the pipe preparations, a 2-step, 2-day process.

Thursday's Project:
We will be applying an application which prepares the pipe for paint. We have 850 running feet of piping which needs this application.
The preparation is a type of acid - which stays on overnight before the paint is applied. We need Volunteers! Bring rubber gloves and wear clothes that you don't care if they get holes ... Hey, that's the new style!

Friday's Project:
It's a painting party! Guys and gals can all paint! Enamel paint will be applied to all the piping!. Again, we need many hands to make light work of this job. The easiest way to paint piping is with paint mitts and rubber gloves. We will have a supply, but brushes will also be needed.

If you like to paint, bring your brush, small container to hold paint, rags and old clothes. We will have some folks working on the 8' high horizontal piping with the painter mitts, other's painting the vertical pipes, standing on the ground!. Extra ladders, rubber gloves, paint containers will be helpful.

On both days we plan to start at 9am, bring your old brush, drinking water, a hat and enjoy some time with your neighbors. We plan to be done before lunch both days.

Thanks for lending a hand!