Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dear Value Customer

Dear Value Customer

In line with the accord reached with United Nations and World Bank during their last meeting held in Accra-Ghana in respect of payment to all possible scammed victims and overdue payment beneficiaries in a bid to re-instate the credibility of our dear country. We have received a report from our fraud monitoring unit through confession made during arrest and interrogation of some suspected fraudsters in respect of your funds claim which was scheduled in your favor.

Considering the irregularities associated with these funds and lack of facts on the source of the funds, the fraudulent activities which has been linked to them presently and in the past we are sorry to inform you that we have made a provision to release your total funds. You will also be required to disassociate yourself from any of the fraudsters and disregard any further communication from them to enable us successfully process your scheduled funds.

Due to corrupt and inefficient banking system in Africa, the payment Procedure will be closely monitored And executed through Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana. You will be required to forward to us immediately your bank details for international funds remittance, you are asked to choose one of the method of payment stated below for the remittance of your funds.

(1) Online Banking Transfer
(2) Diplomatic Money Transfer
(3) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Card
(4) Confirm able Bank Draft

We shall feed you on further details as soon as we hear from you.

Telephone Number +233 274 563 734

Yours faithfully,
Gifty Fordwuo

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