A very busy day at the range and river!

We stopped by to give Brandon, the D6 dozer operator, lunch. He does very nice work.

Good headway is being made on the berm build. Fortunately there is plenty of dirt, making the build a lot quicker.

Border Patrol has been hard at work clearing the brush along "Fisher Lane" (we nicknamed the new caliche road that Fisher Industry built) towards the river, Now there is clear view of all road traffic.

Burning of the suger cane fields!

Here is how the steel area is looking, time to get the steel target set up!

The shotgun area also has all the thorny underbrush cleared away.

As you can see the clearing made a mess, particularly where the clumps of trees were cleared there is a lot of debris which needs clean up. We need your help with the clean up. There are a lot of light weight branches -- easy work.. If you have a spare hour, you can go down on your own, use the wagon, and pick up a pile or two. There is a burn pile near Mabel, and we can make another east of the shotgun area. Thanks for the help!

We are expecting the range to open shortly. We all need some trigger time.

Thank you,
Niles Deden