Monday, January 6, 2020

Gun Range Berm / Private Border Wall Update 1/6/2020

Bonnie Fogg, Jim Soltis, and I met today with Tommy Fisher, the owner of the company that is building the border wall along the river just east of the gun range. They have done 3.5 miles of dirt work along the river from Chimney Park to the corner of Mike Rhodes’ property at the gun range. Mike Rhodes has given Fisher Industries permission to do dirt work along the river bank 200 feet into Mike’s property. Fisher will use this dirt to build the long range rifle berm we have requested. This work could begin as early as Tuesday and will only take a few days.

For the safety of the construction crew actually working on the gun range property, we will totally close the gun range while they work. As fast as this construction crew works, I expect the closure will only be 2 or 3 days. We will let you know as soon as we know when work starts.

Fisher Industries also has permission to upgrade the dirt road that runs alongside the east side of the gun range from the BP camera tower on Military to the river. This road will provide access from Military to the west end of the border wall. Fisher Industries will be building a concrete street the full length of the new border wall. This street has street lights. I’m told that this new street will be open to hikers and bikers as well as vehicle traffic. Riding along the river on a new concrete street should be a fun trip.

Building the gun range berm ourselves would cost thousands of dollars. Tommy Fisher is building the berm for us for no charge, so we are looking for a way of saying, “Thank You”.
We are in the very early stages of planning a thank you lunch for the wall construction crew (we are nicknaming them "Wall"), that is building our gun range berm. We are calling it, “Take a Wallee to Lunch”. The brisket lunch would be catered by Rudy’s BBQ. A single ticket would buy lunch for you and a wall construction worker. Rudy’s cater meals are not cheap. A single ticket would cost $25. We would like your feedback on “Take a Wallee to Lunch”. 

We need to know if we have enough interest to make this meal financially possible.
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