Monday, February 3, 2020

100 Yard Range Open 2-3-20

We are going to open the 100 yard range at noon today (Monday). The last of the Bollards were set in place Sunday evening. The dirt work on our berm was also completed Sunday afternoon. Thank you Fisher Industries, and Brandon, the dozer operator.

The 100 yard range is opening now, but there is still street paving and landscaping work to be done on the Fisher project. Watch for vehicles on the dirt road, which we are nick naming "Fisher Avenue". There might be short term closures.

For safety sake, we are going to keep the long range course closed until the street paving is completed.

The clay thrower has a faulty electrical relay.
The part has been ordered and should be here midweek.

Border Patrol has completely cleared the trees from our range tables to Fisher Avenue for the safety of their agents. The entire grass field has been mowed. Thank you Border Patrol.

They did scatter some small blocks of wood in front of the small shelter. If you are bored, you could pile these up so we can burn them.

You will be pleasantly surprised how good the gun range looks. Go down and enjoy it.

Niles Deden
Retama Gun Club, Inc.
Don't Forget our Rifle Cleaning Class Saturday
Rifle Cleaning Class 2/8 - Saturday 10-11:30a
Learn how to maintain your firearm with proper cleaning, lubricating & rust prevention, so you will get many years of top performance & enjoyment.

Ladies! If you've ever wanted to learn how to properly care for, and clean your firearms this free seminar is for you. The courses will be taught by Alex Gonzales, one of our instructors. Alex has many years of instructor and armory experience. Alex will share the proper techniques of cleaning and caring for your firearm. 

Bring your firearm but ABSOLUTELY NO AMMO. 

Class will be held at Pat Stewart's coachhouse, Retama Village.
3811 Pelican Way
bring your cleaning gear, and a large soft towel or cleaning pad.

Yes, you can attend both classes.

If inclement weather, another location will be announced.
Course Pricing: FREE
Situational Awareness & Pizza - Feb 10
Free presentation by Texas Law Shield
Rick Garcia of Hidalgo Country Sheriff Department.

Just like your proficiency with a firearm, having the ability to understand and assess your surroundings is essential to your survival.

Gain the training you need by learning to read your environment, assess your options, and react efficiently at a Situational Awareness Seminar. Being truly aware of your surroundings is critical to your safety, and the safety of your loved ones. Hardening your home is an essential part of being situationally aware.

We will share many simple tips on how to make your home a hard target and a safer place for you and your loved ones. 

Register required by 29-2020 @ Retama Village Club House (library) or email Bonnie
Course, Free
For more info:
Niles Deden Email (651) 380-9112 Bonnie Fogg Email (630)688-3594 | Pat Stewart, Email (505) 577-8147
All activities can be found on the calendar.  RANGE CALENDAR. 

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