Sunday, March 1, 2020

It's Monday

Color Coded Shooting Lanes
Rifle and Pistol Shooters!
The new 100 yard berm allowed us to create three shooting lanes. Each lane has (or will have) a 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard backstop. Each rifle bench has a colored flag which coordinates with the four backstops. Two shooting benches share a lane.

There are 3 colored flags: Yellow, Blue and Green.
Please attach your targets to the correct color coded backstop. Do not cross fire into the other lanes. This will ensure our bullets are entering the 100 yard berm.
Fisher Road
New signage has been posted for Fisher Road, we nicknamed the caleche road that runs parallel to the sugar cane fields.
This is a private road, there is no public access.
Please do not travel on these roads -- you or your friends are considered down range to the Retama Gun Club. We do not want anyone hurt.
Border Patrol, Police and Other LEO's
This week the Border Patrol, our local police and other law enforcement officers (LEO) will be given the thumbs up to shooting at our range again.

Due to insurance requirements, all LEO's will be asked to watch our safety video at BPV guest services and pay a maintenance fee. They will be issued a Retama Gun Club badge which they will be asked to wear.

Posted at the pistol and rifle benches are the instructions LEO need to follow for registration.

Please share with LEO that we appreciate their help in keeping our range safe, and give them direction to BPV guest services. Thank you.
Thank You! Shoot Safe
For more info:
Niles Deden Email (651) 380-9112 Bonnie Fogg Email (630) 688-3594 | Pat Stewart, Email (505) 577-8147
All activities can be found on the calendar.  RANGE CALENDAR. 

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