Range Instruction

Learning to shoot is fun and exciting.  Learning to shoot is a very personal decision and instruction is available in several different formats.   Our range holds group training classes and all range badge holders are welcome to attend.  The topics vary and are taught throughout the winter season and are free to Range Badge holders.  

Want to learn more? 
We suggest either private, one-on-one instruction or the NRA Pistol shooting course, which is a 2-phase class.

The National Rifle Association Basics of Pistol Shooting course is one of the best way to learn the basics of pistol shooting  It is a two-part course consisting of an e-learning portion (completed online in your own timeframe) and a hands-on practical portion conducted at a range under the guidance and supervision of an NRA certified instructor.
This easy-to-understand online training program allows you to go at your own pace and learn from the comfort of your own home. Simply go through the online course material, successfully complete the online exam, and you’ll receive your certificate of completion instantly.

Cost for Phase 1: $60.00 per student, paid to the NRA
Website  https://basicpistol.nra.org  to register today!

At registration you will be asked for an NRA instructor, please contact Bonnie Fogg, Niles Deden or Jack Mayer prior to registration for their ID#. 

After completion of the Basic Pistol on-line class its ‘hands on’ at the gun range!


The NRA Basic Pistol Course - Phase 2 is taught by Retama’s NRA Certified Instructors who will validate the student’s comprehension and the proper application of gun safety rules learned in Phase I.

Phase 2 “hands-on” training covers range protocol, proper firearms handling, loading and unloading procedures, application of pistol shooting fundamentals, stable shooting positions, sight alignment and live fire exercises. At the end of Phase 2, students are required to shoot a Qualifying Exercise, demonstrating competence with a firearm.

Students may find more information regarding the online Phase I of the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course at: https://onlinetraining.nra.org

NRA Basic Pistol Phase 2 is an objective-based training program and takes about 5 hours to complete and includes certification with the NRA.

$125.00 for da Range Members and their families
$100.00 if using your own pistols

Targets and NRA training materials.  

Required:  Any pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, and NRA Training Materials.

 Have questions on the courses, material, or wanting private lessons, please contact each instructor directly:

Bonnie Fogg  (630) 688-3594      bfogg2105@gmail.com

Niles Deden (651) 380-911    ndeden@hotmail.com 

Jack Mayer (678) 492-134    jackdanmayer@gmail.com

One-on-One Instruction is a live fire exercise conducted at our range with an NRA certified firearms instructor. 

Novice or beginning shooters will gain familiarity and experience with not only their hand gun and shootings skills but also safety procedures, range commands and become confident in their shooting abilities.  

Experienced shooters might prefer private training sessions in order to hone on shooting skills or become more familiar with handling of a pistol.

Cost of one-on-one training,  $40 per session, usually 1.5 hours of live fire

Beginners Hand-on Instruction Package:  
A two hour beginners course at the range with a follow up one hour class. One on one instruction as described above. 
$110 for both classes. Instructor provides the targets. Individuals should have their own firearms and ammunition. 

Pistol rental is available.

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